Apr 1 2015

Re: Deep Wounds In Bitter Race

March 18, 2015

 Arthur Ochs Sulzberger
NY Times Publisher
Re: Deep Wounds In Bitter Race
Dear Mr. Sulzberger,
As a NY Times reader since  1963, your so called news on page 1 “Deep Wounds In Bitter Race” of Wednesday, March 18 by Isabel Kershner is embarrassing to you. The wounds are Isabel and the group she feels that should have won.   Every adjective is pejorative. To young people reading this, out of approximately 165 nations, it makes Israel look like North Korea. This junk is mirrored on your editorial page where it belongs.  You do an injustice to fair news.  Israel’s democracy one of less than thirty in the world, has spoken. It has 27 parties; why not compliment the fact that it functions. All it’s people speak unlike anywhere else in the Middle East, Russia, China etc.
By the way, the happiest are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and many Americans who want a strong Israel and because Jewish people should live where they want as do Arab people. 
Peter Dwares