Sep 20 2012

Settlements Are The Boogeyman

Since there are 1.5 million Arabs living in Israel, quite protected, being educated, having rights, worshipping as they please, not being attacked and not being terrorists, why can’t there be hundreds of thousands of Jews living in West Bank when it’s a country, some who trace their roots for decades, some centuries, and all with a lineage predating Muslims by 2,000 years? The press refers to these Jews as Settlers. Yet Muslims in Europe or United States have moved and been received and they settled. Why can’t Muslims live with Jews or Christians for that matter and protect them and benefit from their skills. There is plenty of empty land in the West Bank.

Settlements Are The Boogeyman. 300,000 Jews have settled in a non-country that housed their forefathers. We expect it will become a Moslem Palestinian State one day when the Palestinian Arabs want a state more than they want destruction of Jews in Israel.

When it does, why can’t 300,000 to 500,000 Jews live there in peace protected by a largely Muslim nation who also should protect its dwindling Christian population. After all, there are 1.5 million Arabs living in Israel in peace now, beneficiaries of Israel’s rising tide, going to school, operating businesses, etc.

Sep 20 2012

Peter Dwares on Healthcare

The government is asking the customer i.e. the public to buy a pair of shoes without telling the size, the color about how the customer will pay. People over 65 are leery. People nearing 65 are leery. 15 million illegal immigrants will still not get services unless emergency. I’d respectfully suggest incrementalizing and simplifying. 1,000 mobile well appointed say $500,000, 5,000 ft. clinic health centers in shopping centers and urban shopping areas bring health to people with doctor (or nurse resident), nutritionist, scanner to be used only if appropriate, blood tests at an affordable out of pocket cost.

Legislate you can take insurance from job to job.

Open every state to every insurer who wants to sell and is legitimate. And say it in plain language, one page. That will sell to Republican’s and Blue Dog Democrats.

Peter Dwares

Sep 20 2012

On The Arizona Shooting

Was the perpetrator mentally ill? Most assuredly?

Was he inflamed by talk show and politicians? Possibly. We don’t know.

Was the killing politically motivated as opposed to a random shooting? It seems so. If not he would have targeted a girlfriend, a doctor, a veterinarian or an abortion doctor. He aimed at an elected official.

Sep 20 2012

Peter’s E-mail to Professor Robert Reich

Re: Your ongoing attack on Capitalism

Dear Robert,

You must know that Rangoon was the jewel of Southeast Asia in 1954 and when I visited it in 1990 it was a sad city. You must know that Vietnam, led by now capitalist former Socialist North is far more desirable than North Korea still socialist as of course is South Korea. That Russia in 1910 had a dynamic growing economy that by 1960 had people waiting in line for shortages. I’m sure you know in Cuba that the educated young women are often prostitutes for want of jobs.

Why do you attack rich, powerful, denigrate them, want to make them want to hide or leave and stop starting businesses and hiring people.

I understand you have been on a college campus and probably created jobs with a salary, but never “risk” money. Why not visit businesses and see what businesses go through, interest running on loans, unions featherbedding, disinterested planning officials, regulation that is too often not sensible, then your wanting to tax more. Makes no sense. Why not look at workers spiking, bad back firefighters retiring at 38 and playing golf, government policies well intended that led to dishonest bankers loaning to unqualified using teaser rates.

Why not push people to be all they can be at creating businesses and workers.

No one owes us a thing. Our moral duty is to help poor help themselves. The best way this country can do it is to incentivize people to build and start businesses that will hire others. The President can be a pro businesses “ bully pulpit”. This one is not, at least as I see it.


Peter Dwares, Esq.