Jan 1 2010

A letter to Roger…

Dear Roger,

Actually we both want a strong America. We want to encourage individual responsibility. We want an educated America. We want to prevent expensive remedies for people if possible ( my example of two lost legs for putting off sugar diabetes treatment). We want clean air, clean water, fish in the sea, no deforestation of rain forest.

I think framing the issue as global warning is a mistake, its political. I also think the wrong messengers denigrate good messages. Gore is too political.

We want to spread Democracy. We both I think understand realities require picking and choosing.

We’d both like to get off Middle East oil (I spent an hour listening to Ambassador Richard Jones as to alternative policies I’d share with you).

We both work hard.

We like a variety of news sources.

I am less of an ideologue than you, i.e. I am a social liberal on marriage, right to choose, stem call research.

I’m for and I believe you are, heavy expenditures for early Math, Science, English.

We are for freedom of speech, gathering.

I’m torn when I’d like something done but feel we can’t afford it, i.e. free healthcare extension of Medicare however with large deductible and copay, everyone should be responsible for themselves cradle to grave.

A young man I met recently in a hospital lost both legs because of diabetes. He’s been in hospitals 90% of last two years. I imagine the cost somewhere $1-$2 million. I judge this because Sonia’s giving birth three days in hospital was $45,000. But an exam and early treatment might have prevented his loss of legs. Prevention will save lots of remedial costs. A manager of mine fell off a ladder last month while putting up Christmas lights broke his back. The bill from Hospital Corporation of America for an operation and five days in hospital was $430,000. The helicopter from Santa Cruz to San Jose, $30,000. The billing system is wrong. HCA said the bill would be reduced to $90,000 probably the insurance companies rates. Billing should be fairer/clearer.

I would like to not have to spend $600 billion to $1 trillion a year on military or wars, but it’s a fact of life.

We’d like to alleviate starvation and sickness for children, 4 billion of 6 billion in world who are poor, 2 billion have no clean water. I feel for abandoned animals.

We hate bully’s, personal and dictators.

I’m for separating investment banks from commercial banks.

What else?

Your admirer,