Jul 11 2013

RE: Boycott of Israeli companies

Dear Doctor Hawking and co-believers,

Let me make several points. Palestine is not a state. No passport is required. If it were, why should it not have 400,000 Jews, and 400,000 Christians, as Israel has 1.5 million Arab Muslims.

Boycott won’t hurt Israel. People buy its products. Some to live, given the pharmaceutical industry. If a boycott were to work, it would also hurt Israeli Arabs who work for Israeli companies and send funds to West Bank Arabs.

If boycott of Israel is what you want because Jews are living in the West Bank, why not boycott Turkey whose people have kept millions of Kurds from having a country. Boycott the Congo whose governments have killed 3 million people. Sudan for its treatment of minorities, Nigeria, Spain over its Basque population. China regarding its treatment of Tibetans. All these actions are killing, not settling of people.

You get the idea. It’s not about settlors it’s about Jews. There is no mass slaughter as there is in Syria. Or bomb explosions which Suni do to Shiites and back, or political repression like Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan.

Israeli is good fodder. Yet its citizens including its Muslims have more rights than most every Muslim in the Middle East.

I ask why should a future state of Palestine not have a protected minority of Jews and Christians. Is it because as in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Algeria the majority of Muslims (not all) can’t live with non believers?

The Turks controlled the Palestine area for centuries. It was the backward area of the Ottoman Empire. Then Jordan controlled. Now Israel. Palestine has never been a country. It’s inhabitants had chances to be recognized as such from 1948.

By the way, I sympathize with poor and downtrodden everywhere. But Israel or West Bank Jews did not cause the condition, in fact they better it by hiring Palestinians and by joint venturing with Palestinians.

Many of the Arabs came to Palestine from Yemen, Egypt, like Arafat to work for Jewish businesses. And some Muslims left Israel in 1948 after a war they started. Some still are in relocation camps in Arab countries. Why have they not been integrated like we do in the US? At the same time, an equal number of Jews were evicted from Arab countries, a quid pro quo. They have long since been resettled.


Peter Dwares, Esq.