Aug 24 2015

Peter Dwares on Donald Trump and The Elections

My Friends,

Trump is an amusing sometimes crude dude that intimidates people. He speaks in generalities and insults those critics who often can’t fight back because of their jobs. He’s inspiring those who are frightened by xenophobia and Iranian ICBM’s and nukes and this administration’s adding to interest costs on our long term debt of $18 trillion, soon to be $600-$800 billion out of $3 trillion collected.

He’s admired for his quickness, his success on TV and, licensing and in longevity in public eye, and getting up off the deck.

He could be a Zimbabwe dictator for life if he was born there.

I’ll take Kasich (Bush with energy, good administrator, right principles), Rubio I like his Foreign Policy, Bush (good experienced man and sensitive), Scott Walker’s resoluteness, Carly Fiorina (makes senses, great presence) or the Huck (like him on support of our allies). I voted for Bill Clinton but won’t vote for Hillary over any of the above. I’ve seen enough of her. Maybe over Rand Paul. His tendency toward isolationism is frightening.

Peter Dwares

PS. After dictating, I heard Trump being more specific on dealing with ISIS through capturing oil and I like that. But it will require US ground troops. It’s necessary. His stance on building and rounding up Mexican immigrants is impossible and will kill the South Western agricultural and construction economy.