Feb 4 2013

Re: UK Sunday Times, Picture Worth a Thousand Anti-Semitic Words

Dear Mr. Ivens, 

I find Mr. Scarfe’s cartoon highly offensive and in fact, disgusting and tasteless.  It’s not funny or accurate.  Where are his mean spirited cartoons on 60,000 dead Syrians, 3 million dead in Congo, Sudan, Somalia or 70,000 dead in Mexico?  Or maybe Arabs blowing up old grandmas playing cards with bombs before the fence/wall was put up. But for terroristic acts like that, there would be no fence/wall.  How about a positive cartoon showing West Bank’s economic 10% growth rate attributed in large part to Israel’s economy?  

I’ll leave you with one more thing to think about.  The Israeli while defending himself against terrorists built his wall. People have died in relatively small numbers. Jews and Arabs. But the Arab terrorist after he takes out Arab moderates, he will ultimately try to take you out because he doesn’t like free expression of any kind including cartoons.


Peter Dwares, Esq.
San Francisco, CA