Jun 6 2011

RE: Future Run for Governor, My Opinion

Dear Gavin,

I will order the book.

A subject to tackle in your next book is how to run a balanced budget long term, City, State, Federal while giving the needy services, without stifling initiative of other people by inappropriate use of assistance. Interview twenty solid Democrat and Republican Mayors and Governors you respect, as well as business leaders you now know personally and respect.

Get the message across that you built businesses, you worked your way up (I remember you personally delivered wine to my friend Norman Wechsler), and you balanced budgets in business. At the same time, you have a big heart.

Southern Californian’s and Valley Californian’s know you mostly as the good looking, “nice young” guy who dealt with gay marriage and homeless.

Let them know you as a fiscally sound moderate. That means you might have to talk tough to unions. See what the Democrats are doing in NY state and Massachusetts. Cuomo and Patrick are looking to Christy and Walker.

Warmest regards,

Peter Dwares

Jun 1 2011

Open Letter to Congressman Daniel Issa Regarding Immigration

Congressman Daniel Issa
1800 Thibodo Road, #310
Vista, CA 92081

RE: Immigration

Dear Congressman Issa,

I agree with you in principle. I would expand legal immigration for best and brightest and others with investment capital to be 85% of total of legal immigrants admitted each year, reducing to 15% lottery. Bring in 1 million people per year.

Green cards for all approved graduates of qualified US colleges of foreign born Phd’s in science, math etc. Mayor Bloomberg is your ally.


Peter Dwares