Dec 28 2018

Opinions: December 28, 2018

I like much of what Trump has done. But I want someone who brings all citizens together, not polarizes.

Trump fatigue has long been setting in. Pulling out of Syria, Mad Dog leaving after being discourteously ignored, is more Trump fatigue.  I’m just musing. What if Bloomberg teamed with Romney sort of bipartisan, added Nicky Haley, Secretary of State, David Petraeus Secretary of Defense and run as a package in  2020. Bloomberg committing $2 billion to run just trial ballooning.

Dec 28 2018

Opinions: December 28, 2018

I’m extremely disappointed General Mattis is leaving because of substance and the pulling of troops and not pre notifying him. Big mistake to put Kurds in harms way letting Isis come back. Russians, Iranians lock in.  So I watched Berlin Express, Robert Ryan occupied Germany circa 1949 and watch my favorite on screen detective Dick Powell in Murder, My Sweet.

Dec 17 2018

Opinions: December 17, 2018

Thinking People

A judge said since mandate to pay premiums is no longer part of ACA (Obamacare), there is no “tax”, in the words of Justice Roberts. A tad made it consistent with the Commerce Clause. Without a tax it has no basis in the Commerce Clause. So Congress could tax $1 if it is of the mind to save it. Paying for pre existing illness(very sick people) whose premiums would be off the charts.

Cutting the legal finances aside, the real issue is in 2019. United States, how do we deal with not poor but not well to do sick people? Getting them to get check ups and caring for their illness. Because corporate plans and Medicare and Medicaid take care very well of 320 million of  350 million citizens (although not 20 million illegals), we are left with 30 million who can’t or don’t pay plus 20 million illegals, both who thus crowd emergency rooms and public hospitals.

Do we toss out what most doctors believe to be the best system in the world? I know Canada, England, Germany, Israel, France and Scandinavian countries may be working as well and tax their people.

What then to do about  50 million some who have money but refuse to pay for insurance, and subsidize them when the fall ill? That’s why I felt the mandate to cover themselves was a good idea.  Why should others pay for their care? They were stealing but not paying when they could. I realize the argument is what if I never get ill, why pay? If you pay tax, you are paying for weapons we hope we will never use.

We need thousands of outreach clinics in places people go, iPhone exams, simpler blood tests, even robotic care in the cards by 2040. More competition not less in hospital mergers which raise room rates.  More drug competition. More prevention, teach it in high school.

Maybe for the 30 million legal who can’t afford (the 20 million illegal probably won’t fearing deportation) let them pay ½ of what they would in the market to Medicare. Do not kill a system that works for 80% of us for 20% of us.

We passed Medicare Medicaid and people pay for it in taxes.

Dec 12 2018

Opinions: December 12, 2018

Slicing and dicing Khashoggi was not just punishment. It’s to discourage i.e. terrify any would be critics of the Saudi government. Bad idea. Cost Prince dearly. Also think about the European Court decision against a woman expressing criticism of Mohamad and young wives.  The Court was terrorized. This is frightening.

Dec 6 2018

Opinions: December 6, 2018

Re: Vagrancy Law and “Dangerous” Homeless

We have vagrancy laws. As Judge Quentin Kopp said to me, there is little will to enforce them.

Even Gavin Newsom says we are too progressive. But we can’t give up. Let’s learn from other cities here and abroad. I’ve seen no fresh ideas here in San Francisco but more money which in part will attract more vagrancy.

Of course the problem is 1) drugs, 2) mental illness, 3) those who don’t work for whatever reason.

I’m compiling solutions for Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Chairwoman Malia Cohen. I want to read yours please.


Nov 26 2018

Opinions: November 26, 2018

To get my mind off new nuclear weapon proliferation and wider ownership thereof and what a mistake will do, and gap in healthcare of 30 million working people, some with cancer etc. controlling who comes into Southern borders as we do New York, Chinese threatening sea lanes; Russia threatening Ukraine, not to mention 80,000 children dead in Yemen, and other little issues. I watch film noir among other diversions. Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas in “Out of the Past”, one of the best of the genre. Also “Obsession” an English movie circa 1949. It was not Hitchcock but could have been, Fabulous the second time I viewed it.

Restaurant recommendations Hotel Cornel’s Joan of Arc, terrific ambiance, Chez Fico unique pastas, beautiful people, Canela on Market Street, excellent tapas.



Oct 30 2018

Opinions: October 30, 2018

On Megyn Kelly

Andrew Lack et al didn’t fire her because she felt blackface was OK for Halloween. He was angry because she accused NBC of lack of ethics for not going after Harvey Weinstein using Ronan Farrow’s reports.  Plus her ratings down.

He should have kept her and opened the topic for debate after expressing his opinion.  Live debate with Megyn Kelly vs. Al Roker, Michelle Obama pick em. Let’s air political correctness. Let’s not get hurt so easily. Words may be wrong to use but let’s debate in the open, not summarily convict?  What do you think?

Peter Dwares

Oct 23 2018

Opinions: October 23, 2018

I have to say that as a lawyer and Law Review Editor who practiced law for fifteen years, I’m very concerned (politics aside) with mere accusations ruining men, and later possibly women. See Megyn Kelly. (not sexual but racial hatred accusations over raising an issue to be debated). Columnist Daniel Henniger articulates my opinion far better than I can. We cannot go to guilty until proven. “Liberal” Justices like Warren, Douglas, Black, Fortis fought for this.

In the 60’s and 70’s.  They should be who the left.

Peter Dwares

Oct 16 2018

Opinions: October 16, 2018

Susan Collins made compelling presentation to the Senate, reviewing Judge Kavanaugh’s decisions, his adherence to precedent, (stare decisis) his ruling on issues that have helped women in access to contraception, Justice Kavanaugh for whom he clerked statement of gay rights being law of land, his colleagues universal praise for his legal skills, and many experienced lawyers praise. His legal quality and fairness and adherence to precedent are not on issue.

Senator Collins then went through how the Ford letter might have gotten to the newspaper and was gracious to Ms. Ford who I think must as a reasonable person have expected her allegations to be looked into thus her personage would be known and her allegations defended against.

Senator Collins was also charitable to Senator Feinstein who I have long admired, contributed to, like and supported, even very recently. Senator Feinstein in my view should have discussed the letter with the FBI in August and Judge Kavanaugh in her office. The way it came out looked like if all else fails to challenge his credentials, ruin his reputation. They did that in the old days calling political opponents pysphlis.

I lost respect for Senator Feinstein over this.

Senator Collins concluded the Ford allegations uncorroborated, there were pieces missing are not enough facts to prevent Judge from being consented to by the Senate.

Senator Collins was eloquent, thoughtful, did her homework, and at great risk to herself made the difference. She is gotten new stature.

I hope all women who have been sexually wronged look at the facts as Senator Collins did and direct their understandable anger to their attackers.

Oct 10 2018

Opinions: October 10, 2018

RE: Here’s the Point of 1,000  “Points of Light” – C. Boyden Gray and Elise Passamani

My goal in starting Pathways For Kids, was to be a Dutch Uncle helping underserved inner city kids to work in good jobs or start a business. This was one of the thousands of points of light. So is Nathan’s Day for children of migrants I started in 1980, now 38 years.

So take on a cause you believe in and put in the time and money if you can. Be hands on.

Sep 27 2018

Opinions: September 27, 2018

She seems like damaged goods. After 36  years, still little girl voice. Says she has “biological” damage also ________ to her mental  issues, she is clear never told her parents. She has other incidents _____ before or after Kavanaugh.

Who drove her to party where and who took her home?

I would allow FBI to look into her mental issues before.

Other allegations if she made.

Interview Mark Judge.

She escaped as they wrestled at 17.

Ruining his career is not right.

How long did he cover her mouth?

Were any clothes removed? Did he touch your vagina?

For at least 36 years. He’s been perfect.

Why didn’t she come forward for six FBI investigations?

Democrats firing up every women who has been raped, drugged to hate Kavanaugh (not rape, not ____)

She says she wants to be “helpful”. That code means destroy Kavanaugh as a choice for SC.

She terms it sexual assault. Sexually inappropriate behavior.

If he did it. So what? 17 roll around, no penetration. Teenage. No means no criminal intendent

Judge Kavanaugh statement is a perfect defense.

Sep 13 2018

Opinions: September 13, 2018

I’m a private detective buff.

My favorite detectives. The 50’s look was Peter Gunn, Cool, impeccably dressed with Harry Mancini’s great jazz, a beautiful girlfriend.

Then Colombo 70’s dirty raincoat, beat up car, unseen wife, smelly cigar  and Monk after 2000, anal, fearful, very observant.

Sherlock Holmes, Basil, Rathborne, 40’s upper class, brilliant, pipe, elegant, detailed.

Sam Spade 40’s imperfect, a bit crooked, maybe Colombo’s dad, Bogart.

Dick Powell’s 40’s witty Richard Diamond, maybe Roger Moore the Saint like Powell; of course Bill Powell 30’s charming, witty Nick Charles.

Peter Dwares

Sep 6 2018

Opinions: September 6, 2018

September 6, 2018

To Friends of Israel, Thinking People

RE: On the Palestinian Refugee Issue, President Trump is correct in limiting the definition to conform to the rest of the world.

I second the position of the Administration on this.

Descendants of refugees should have been made citizens elsewhere as so many others including Jewish refugees forced out of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq etc.


Aug 28 2018

Opinions: August 28, 2018

John McCain’s life was a lesson for all of us. His ability to work with opponents, compromise, stand up for what he believed right, but also and very important, and what’s missing today, a decency to others. I sent his campaign a lot of money for me at the time. I admired his work with Russ Feingold on finance reform, Lieberman on strong foreign policy remembering WWII, Kennedy on immigration. He could be very harsh in private, clenched teeth smile in public. Trump just the opposite.  But McCain’s values were my values. His perfect imperfection.

Rest in Peace.

Peter Dwares

Aug 28 2018

Opinions: August 28, 2018

Peter Winslow

For the Honor of Truth

I tell the truth. I expect it in others. I’m with President Jimmy Carter on Trump. I want him to do great for our nation. I don’t want an impeachment.  It will cut the country in half.

I wish the Democrats had a leader I could embrace, a McCain, a Lindsay Graham, Joe Lieberman, and a platform that understood the value of business, strong economy and strong foreign policy not just minority rights and women rights, higher taxes, more transfers which lull people out of job market, and quasi-open immigration on southern borders unlike New York and San Francisco.

I know I can’t change your mind arguing substance. Trump personality “trumps” to you.

Love you,


Aug 27 2018

Opinions: August 27, 2018

RE: Trumps War on the Justice System Threatens to erode Trust in law.

I don’t like Trump’s verbal attacks i.e. “fake news, Attorney General Sessions is weak i.e. not loyal”. But for the FBI’s lead investigators who should be non political to conspire against him and his Presidency in emails and frankly by the Bill Clinton/Attorney General Lynch meeting in the airplane, possibly to get her to agree to not prosecute Hillary, or Hillary’s destruction of emails, that’s wrong.  As a former practicing lawyer, I am fearful of the search and seizure of a lawyer’s office. It’s destructive to relationships of attorney and client.

Trashing Judge Kavanaugh alleged as a 17 year old boy maybe wrestling around covering her mouth for _ seconds, with a 15 year old girl, given a perfect 35 year old record since, is repugnant and is done to fire up every women who has an issue with a man who is not Judge Kavanaugh.

Peter Dwares

Aug 23 2018

Opinions: August 23, 2018

Like many of you, I’ve followed Donald Trump since the early 70’s. I’ve admired what he accomplished, the Trump Tower, building the skating rink, Plaza Casino’s dinner with Sinatra then pissing him off, and couldn’t stand the glitter, screwing lenders including small bond holders who he charmed and sub contractors and his ability to charm and dump. He truly was a mixed bag to the extremes who wound up at 70 bigger and more controversial than ever. His criticisms of Senator McCain, acerbic insults, pettiness left me cold. I supporter Kasich and earlier on Bush, Rubio, almost any other. Republic candidate with my fingers squeezing my nose I voted Hillary as the devil I knew. I feared Trump as having a remote chance of being a dictator.

Now I must say he’s done a terrific job. The economy is blazing. Poor kids in inner cities even have more jobs than ever.

He’s building the military. He’s speaking to dictators who weapons of mass destruction. He’s putting sanction and military pressure on North Korea, Iran, Russia and in a way China. Keeping General Kelly bring in Niki Haley at U.N (present in the  20’s), General Mattis, widely respected CIA leader, Homeland Defense Secretary, Secretary Azur putting pressure on prescription drug companies, even Zinke who I thought I would not like talking sensibly about removing dead trees and better forest management (environmentalists saving trees doesn’t help if they all burn), these substantive matters I agree with. (On EPA emission standards rollbacks I don’t).  His apply trade pressure on Chinese and others who find ways to protect their industries at expense of ours I applaud, especially those here making essential metals and vehicles.

His seeing enforcement of the southern border by wall or otherwise is no different than New York or San Francisco requiring passports and visa, from flyers or boaters, most of them white or Asian. As for refugees from Central American we could reduce the 1.1 million legals we take by carving out 100,000 of well vetted political refugees.

On the Press, the paper and cell networks always write or broadcast in favor of their point of view. It’s nothing new.  There are more sources than ever. Some of it is misleading. Some of it is written by unduly biased reporters. Opinions and news are different Trump played publishers his entire career. He hates criticism. He’s not the first. He’s the most outspoken.

I’ve seen no signs of his trying to our being capable of shutting a paper or TV broadcaster. Sidestepping the Court System. Unduly using executive orders.

My objective is that America continues to prosper, stay Number 1 for those who work at it.

On progressive politics in San Francisco. What is this term or the result of those politics. Is it “vagrants” (no longer permissible word) laying down town in street, or disrupting traffic, is it needles or over 9th and Mission and thirty users where pedestrians walk on Mission and 9th.

Is it forty naked men whose butts are hanging over bicycle seats and children asking about it, is it college campuses keeping out speakers who they think they should not hear (could change their minds after all)?  Is it race haters who will not say it’s wrong for a man white, black or Asian to have children they will not raise because it’s; a sign of virility? Is it progressive to say good family structure produces kids who will go on to succeed in life? Is it progressive to think that business is a bad thing, all rich people are taking advantage of someone?

Clearly the meaning of liberal open to discourage and debate seems to be under attack.

Having just been in Colombia cities where Venezuelan refugees are begging and taking lower level jobs,  I see that progressive Chavez Maduro led dictatorship so destructive to a beautiful once wealthy for all country.

Aug 20 2018

Opinions: August 20, 2018

Healthcare delivery is hugely expensive and a lightning rod of division. Yet much of healthcare is delivered by government Medicare, Medicaid, VA.

I might support German, Israeli, Canadian type health systems. Not VA type.  Deductions from age 18. Government pays for pills, hospitals, doctors who bid. But I’d also have more hospital competition. Stop local mergers. Bring in out of 1.1 million legal immigrants, 50,000 qualified foreign doctors and nurses who work in remote areas for citizenship. Must preserve competition innovation. Our healthcare system is now the best in the world for most people.  I would not change it without proper funding and a lot of due diligence.

Aug 20 2018

Opinions: August 20, 2018

This is so sad. I must say Bogota and Medellin streets are cleaner than San Francisco. No vagrants sleeping on sidewalks, no needles as are on 9th and Mission with 30 users gathered. No naked butts on bikes. This can’t be so called “progressive”.

Aug 15 2018

Opinions: August 15, 2018

During my recent trip to South America, I read the Barbary Coast, A Tale of 1849-1916 San Francisco, Pacific, Jackson, Kearney, Chinatown, Waverly Place and numerous alleys of debauchery, female slavery, characters like Oofty Goofty, Madams like Ruth, owners like Abe Warner. Battle between good and evil. The question is which side was good? It was written in the 1930’s by Herbert Ashbury. It’s a great read for all who love San Francisco history.

Peter Dwares