May 31 2011

Dear Roger

Dear Roger,

Obama whether in civil liberties (phone listening in), questioning (not waterboard) but in Libya , Iraq, Afghanistan has the same policy as Bush II, except Israel where he is putting way too much pressure on it to get a feather in his cap or ingratiate himself with Arab Street or in his mind which is European, ward off a vote in the United Nations for unilateral Palestinian defined state. He’s learning on the job it’s easier to be a critique than a real politician.


May 31 2011

Adopt A Special Kids (AASK) Holidays (Uncle Nathan’s Day, 1980-present)

UNCLE NATHANS DAY – December 10th, 2008 (sponsored by Peter Dwares Foundation)


May 31 2011

Re: Mike Denunzio: Speaking Clearly


I like the new title of your mailing “Speaking Clearly”. I like the bullet points. I agree 100%. You could also talk about Jerusalem welcoming all people to visit now, did not under Jordan.

West Bank was never a Palestinian nation but simply land controlled by Jordan.

All the medical and technological advances benefiting the world from Israel.

1.5 million Arabs live in Israel and there were far fewer Arabs there in 1948; often they came there to work for Jewish businesses.

Many Arab Israeli citizens are in college there and with superb health provided, unlike elsewhere in Middle East.

How no one seems to care about Kurds not having a nation or what Suni’s and Shiite’s do to each other. It’s always about the sliver of democracy called Israel, because 1) lots of people by nature favor underdogs while not understanding why they are underdogs and 2) anti-Jewish or anti-Semitism that sadly still lingers.


May 31 2011

RE: On Bin Laden’s Killing

This man planted seeds for mass murder here, if not the direct commander. He was killed in a war he started. Morally, I have no reservation. Practically we might have gotten more information by keeping him alive, but at the same time we would be creating more publicity, thus kidnapping, killing that outweighs keeping him alive. It’s war with terror. The President did the right thing on this.

Peter Dwares, Esq.
Mr. Dwares is author of Red Herrings and Red Flags