Apr 11 2016

Iraq Invasion Opinion

Iraq invasion supported by most in Congress is given as a reasons for Syria’s 500,000 dead, Libya’s struggles, Egypt’s issue with Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi’s proxy war with Iran and Yemen, immigration waves. Nonsense.

Let’s not be hypocrites. No one believed Saddam Hussein had a nuke with launching capability. Dems and Republicans wanted him and his “window tossing of girls” sons out.  We wanted to give the Iraqi people a change for Democracy.  Rumsfeld /Paul Bremmer disbanded police and military, big mistakes, after we invaded.  Maliki excluded Sunis.  Mismanagement aftermath.  Then Obama pulled troops out; would be like our pulling troops out of DMZ in Korea. Stupid. Void is created. Few in the Congress are big enough to say they supported going into Iraq and for a noble reason, and it did not work out for the above reasons. It’s like a business deal.  Not everything works.  Japan and Germany post war did. Eastern Europe and much of South America and Philippines have.  Also China is feeding its people because of our buying.  Much of the Middle East is a mess for the most part. Retaliation against Dictators and those who prop them up caused it in my view. Watch Lawrence of Arabia. See how Omar Sharif shoots a man drinking from Omar’s well. That sums up many of  22Arab countries mentality. Many don’t like each others tribes, certainly don’t like Christians and Jews, and guys like Arafat  fan the flames and if given the chance some will try to destroy Israel and kill Christians where they find them.